Frame it as a challenge and I am all over it. I have been trying to cut down on sugar for quite some time with no success. Repeated failed attempts can be attributed to a bona fide need for something sweet . . . after a workout, with breakfast, for breakfast for that matter, when I’m tired, when I’m not, just about all day every day. I have a terrible sweet tooth and after reading an article about the Shaub family’s year without sugar, I realized that it is not just me and it is not my fault, and I was super encouraged.

On a trip to Paris a few years ago, I fell in love with Lipton The Peche (peach tea). It was so light and refreshing and did not weigh heavily on me the way sugary drinks in the states do. I did not remember the Lipton Peach Tea tasting so light without being sugar free. So, I did what all good citizens do. I brought some home and then tried to space out my indulgence so as not to run out too soon. Right, so it lasted all of one week.

I subsequently tried Lipton’s Peach Tea made in the U.S. again. It was loaded with sugar. I could not believe the same company with the same drink has, obviously, two different recipes. It hit me then that we, in the U.S., partake of far far far too much sugar. Sugar is in everything. My oldest advised that the use of sugar is necessary in cooking, per Guy Fieri (or at least his recollection of what Guy Fieri said), because it works in conjunction with other spices to alter flavor of foods. That is precisely why I don’t want it anymore.

It is no wonder that we, not technically me, are so overweight in this country. It is a wonder why we have so many health issues. Perhaps, if we cut back on the amount of sugar we consume, the exercise we do would be more effective, or the lack of exercise would not be so tragic. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying don’t exercise. I am saying that some of us spend hours on end at the gym without seeing results. We take all kinds of diet pills, participate in diet programs, and cut out carbohydrates all while beating ourselves up for the scale not moving even a slight bit. Then we sit on the couch and eat our Wheat Thins (have sugar), with tuna salad (sugar in mayonnaise and relish) or green salad with homemade Italian dressing (Seven Seasons packet has sugar). We cut out what is visible and leave the biggest culprits in the refrigerator or cabinet.

My sweet tooth is due to a dependence on sugar that goes beyond the sugary sweets with which I try to satisfy it.

My sweet tooth is years in the making but, may only take one month to break.
Take the no sugar challenge. I was going to start with a month. But, what the hell, why not a year?

Take a look at your cupboards. If you removed all items that have sugar, or any sweetener, as an ingredient, what would you have left?

Shaub’s Blog will likely be a valuable resource.