I have been called opinionated and spoiled and today, not sure why, this has been turning around in my mind.

This is the deal. I love myself. I know my faults and love myself despite of these faults. No one is perfect. I am no different only, I believe that I am perfectly imperfect and love it.

I value my own opinions and stand by them until persuaded otherwise. I respect each person’s right to an opinion and, even when in a debate (I love a great debate) I don’t need anyone to accept my opinion as their truth. The beauty is in the exchange of ideas and the openness of each to see, hear, feel the other’s perspective; not agree with it. If it makes me opinionated, which, for the record I don’t think it does, then call me what you want. I don’t care what other people think.

What, exactly, does that mean. According to my best friend, the dictionary, to spoil (a person) is “to impair, damage, or harm the character or nature of (someone) by unwise treatment, excessive indulgence, etc.” Let’s see, I am the youngest of five in my household and raised, for the majority of my life, by a single professional mother with little to no financial help from my father. There was absolutely no overindulgence of anything in my household. So, how is it that I am spoiled. And, more importantly, no treatment in my youth or now has “impaired, damaged, or harmed” my character or nature. Ask my friends. Ask my coworkers. I want as much for me as I do for those around me. I just want a lot and, again, if this makes me “spoiled”, well, I don’t care what other tpeople think.

So here is my truth.

I believe in my opinions AND am open to hearing other’s.
I love myself and don’t mind other’s knowing it.
I definitely think I a very important person. I think everyone should feel that way. I don’t feel like I am generally more important than anyone else but, if they don’t champion their causes, that is not my fault. Maybe their mom should have taught them to stand up for what they want the way my mom taught me.
I can be a bit demanding if demanding means asking for what you want. People are not used to dealing with that . . . I get it.
I am very talkative and can take over the conversation. It is not that I don’t want to hear what you have to say, it’s that I am used to being relied on the carry the conversation. Maybe it is because I always carry the conversation. Anyway, I am working on that. But, give me a little help; when I ask how your day went or what is going on, don’t give me the one word responses “fine”, “nothing”; elaborate. Tell me about you because, remember, I am working on this and if you don’t start talking then an hour later we will both be tired of me talking about me.
I like attention . . . sort of. I basically like to be seen and heard.

I accept these things about me. You can, if you like, or not.

What other people think about me will not dictate how I do me. My mother taught me not to care about what other people think . . . I took that lesson well, obviously, but, I am wondering whether I need to adjust the lesson for the Boy.