There are so many opportunities for me to tilt things in my favor. But what does that serve?

The Boy: Good night, mom. I love you more than anyone. . . . Even my dad. . . . Well, my dad doesn’t love you very much. . . . Because you guys are not friends. . . . He’s a problem. . . . Wait, mom, is it him that’s a problem or is it you? Why aren’t you guys friends?

This could go a number of different ways. I could tell the truth. That I tried being friends with his dad after our relationship failed but, his dad was too full of anger and distrust to be half of a friendship with me. I could tell him that I sincerely wish that it was possible for us to honor the child that we loved into this world with honest friendship and open communication. That the truth is that his father walked away, is angry at me for his walking away and can never truly be what I would consider a friend. That his father is the problem.

But, what would be the point?

He is smart and full of logic beyond his years. Hopefully, his story will change before the reality is one that is recognized by him and nothing I can say alters it or the pain felt by the dysfunction of it.

There is no good that can come from telling him the truth. So, I resort to ignorance.

Me: I don’t know, honey.