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Old Navy Shirt $3.99

Old Navy Pencil Skirt $9.99

Belt $1.00 at Earth Day Sale at Buffalo Exchange in San Francisco

Leggings and black boots (Closet staple)


I just about never buy something for myself.  I would like to blame it on having two in college and one in a private school and it just being me that has to make things happen . . . things like rent and food and gas and after care and books and clothes and swim lessons and music and birthdays and everything.  But, the reality is that it is not completely just me since the older ones both contribute to their own expenses and I do receive a bit of support for the Boy.

So, there is no excuse for me not investing in myself.  Even if it is just a couple of dollars.  Maybe my responsibilities keep me from going out and splurging on expensive designer anything.  (I never have done that anyway.) Maybe I am a bit more careful with my spending than my single friends or dual income household friends but, there really is no excuse for me ignoring that the clothes in my closet don’t fit and I just about loathe most things that I wear these days.

I need my flyness back.  I need to feel it.  Fit.  Sexy.  Fly.

I am going to work on it.  Starting with allowing myself an occasional “splurge” even if it is only at Old Navy.  I am going to buy something . . . take the tags off . . . and wear it right away so that I am not tempted to take it back after getting home and thinking about all of the bills/responsibilities I have.

Today I did just that.  I wore my $15.00-plus-tax-simple-work-cute outfit like it cost a million bucks.

I felt fit, sexy, and fly.