He was yelling at his cousin for not playing a pool game he could play. She was trying to play with him as much as a teenager tries when they have their friend along AND their cousin who is one third their age.

She’s 15.

He’s 5.

She can swim.

He can’t.

So, he’s yelling and telling her how he would play if she would play a game that he could play but she is not and that is not fair and you don’t want to play with me and that is not nice and i am upset because you don’t want to play with me and now I don’t want to play with you because you are not playing a game I can play and that is not nice . . .

Me: ça suffit (this is the second time I have told him it’s enough but he is not listening because he is ranting. )
He kept yelling until I called him out of the pool and over to me.
Me: quand je dis ça suffit, ne parle pas plus.
He started trying to tell me why he was yelling.
Him: but, mom, she . . .
Me: (emphatically. In my don’t f with momma voice) Quand je dis ça suffit, ne parle pas plus.
Him: (as he drops is head) d’accord.

I love French and how beautiful it sounds when I am fussing at him. I love his understanding that when mom speaks French she is serious and he had better pay attention.

My parents used my full name to signify they meant business. I wonder what would happen if I used French AND his full name.

What did your parents do or say that yielded instant correction or redirection?