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Sometimes, the photo challenges leave me second guessing my ability to connect with myself and/or my environment. I want to be insightful, find a symbolic representation of where I am or what is next for me. I want to let the pictures represent the chaos/confusion/tranquility that is my life. However, I am not always immediately inspired to self-reflection and insightfulness.


Okay. I could photograph some coins but how creative is that? Well, can be very if done right but it reminds me too much of my cousin’s son who didn’t understand why the word problem asked, “If 1/5th of the 35 horses are brown then how many horses are brown?” Duh . . . 1/5th.

Okay so, no coins. But what? How do I represent a change in me with a photo of something that is not me?

Then, a friend sent me a text:
“The spring is a time of new beginnings . . .”

There it was and suddenly I noticed change everywhere.

At the lake on my lunchtime walk where the tree’s flowers are slowly returning.


At the ski resort that was full of snow and families and skiers and snowboarders only three weeks ago.


In my friend’s garden where the ground is giving way to a new life.


This spring a change is coming for me. I can feel it in my bones.