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Weekly Photo Challenge: Color

I have always loved the black and white photos with just a bit of color showing through. I have done this before but, wasn’t really sure how it was supposed to be done. Taking the color out one at a time effects too many parts of the photo and doesn’t always give me the look I want.

It had been a long time since I really PLAYED with Photoshop and when I just sat with it for a moment, I found the simplest way to do it. I know, you Photoshop wizards are probably thinking . . . DUH! Excuse me, though, because I am just getting back to my photography after about a five year hiatus from serious shooting.

Here it is. Add a layer, make it black and white, erase the area that needs to show the color through. SO SIMPLE.

Even with just a spot of color, I like the effect. It helps that yellow is one of my favorite colors.

What do you think?