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It is not that I am too lax or negligent with the Boy. It is just that I have learned a few things in my lifetime. Right, I know I am not old. But, I have started to think that we are different with our grandchildren because the trials and triumphs of raising our own have taught us a thing or two about what is really important.

Well, my third is like a grand in that the age difference between him and his siblings is such that I hopefully have left most of the wound-too-tight approach to parenting that may have been some of what the older ones felt back in their day. I know because they are constantly telling me how I let their brother get away with anything. While not truly the case, they just can’t remember what they got away with, he does have different rules . . . only a bit.

This morning when he asked if he could have a popsicle for breakfast I had to pause before saying the automatic “no.” Why couldn’t he? We had made popsicles the night before with our healthy green drink leftovers. So, the popsicles were not your average, overloaded with sugar, fruit but no real fruit variety. Ours had kale and spinach and banana and strawberry and blueberry and almond/hazelnut/cashew milk and dates and almond butter. Our popsicles were 100% loaded with nutrients and the perfect breakfast choice. So why not . . . because popsicles are treats? Maybe that is what I thought 15 years ago but, today . . . Rubbish!


The Boy (excited): MOM! They are ready. Can I have one for breakfast?

Me: (pause) Of course. That is a good idea.

And this morning he had two eggs and veggies and fruit in the form of a popsicle.