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I am not the best at eating breakfast. If I have what I often tend to want – pancakes, turkey bacon, eggs, hash browns and a nice cup of orange juice – I end up pretty sick almost immediately after eating. Too much carbs. Too much oil. Too early in the morning.

Through trial and error, I have learned that I can almost always comfortably do a total protein breakfast – meat and eggs – and always do oatmeal, as long as I eat it plain, which was disgusting at first.

This morning, I decided to do my oatmeal the way my friend Samantha does hers. Samantha swears by her oatmeal, chia seed and flax breakfast and I was up for a change.


1 cup oatmeal
1/4 cup chia seeds
1 T. Flax meal
1 small apple chopped (I used Fuji)
Cinnamon to taste

I cooked the oatmeal according to the directions to yield 2 servings. However, I added more water, about a half of a cup.

After bringing the water to a boil, I added the oatmeal and chia seeds together, stirred and turned the heat down to a simmer then added the apples. (Sometimes, when I want softer apples, I add the apples to the water before it reaches a boil.)


Once the oatmeal is just about finished, add cinnamon to your liking.

My oatmeal ended up pretty thick so, I added an almond, hazelnut, cashew milk mixture to thin it a bit.


Delicious! The chia and flax do not change the flavor of the oatmeal but add a tremendous amount of health benefits to an already healthy breakfast option.

According to http://www.getchia.com,

Chia Seeds are an effective aid to healthy weight loss. The fiber rich chia seeds and slowly metabolized carbs can help to curb the appetite and has been shown to help lose weight when included with a balanced and healthy diet.

I think I might end up swearing by my own oatmeal/chia/flax/apple/cinnamon mix.