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By Samantha F.

OK, so I was hesitant to do the diet because I had been contemplating a juice fast just to get me back on track after a couple weeks of eating less than ideal foods. Then comes Kai with the 17 Day Diet. I was skeptical because although it was clearly a healthy eating plan, I wasn’t sure it was a good plan for me. A diet with unlimited lean protein and egg whites and an emphasis on eating yogurt for the pro-biotic benefits isn’t too appealing for someone who generally avoids animal products. But I did my research and saw that it got good reviews from reputable sites that I trust. Then, I saw where there were allowances for lentils and legumes for vegetarians, so I decided to give it a go.

Something about a diet really messes with my mind. On day 4, I had a diet soda even though I gave up soda about a year ago. By day 6, I REALLY wanted my veggie sandwich made with avocados and Ezekiel bread. I ate it. I decided to get right back to the diet after that meal and even though I was dreading it, I was going to fulfill the commitment I made to Kai. That evening, I went to my boyfriend’s house. Knowing the last couple of weeks have been particularly trying for me (and forgetting that there is no alcohol allowed on the diet), he had stopped and bought my favorite wine. I drank it.

Right in the middle of my second glass of wine Kai called. I admitted my sins, we griped about the diet, then I returned to my evening with my boyfriend (and my wine) determined that tomorrow would be another day and I would start fresh… despite the fact that it was about the last thing I wanted to do.

Fast forward to bedtime last night when I logged onto FB and saw that my dear friend, Kai, had announced she was quitting the diet. I was delighted. If she quit, I was free to quit. And quit I did.

So here is my last diet journal…

The Quitters Diet, Day 1:

My oatmeal, chia, flax mix for breakfast has never tasted so good.

After breakfast I dropped off my 14 year old at school and headed straight to the grocery store excited to buy anything I wanted with no restrictions. I happily loaded my cart and bought everything I wanted, feeling great to have the freedom to do so. When I went home and unpacked all of my groceries I noticed something. Everything I bought, with the exception of avocados, is allowed on the 17 Day Diet.


It really is mental, I just can’t do diets. I have this terrible feeling of deprivation; I obsess about food and am tempted to eat things I never even eat when I’m not on a diet.

I will say, I think the 17 Day Diet is a really great and healthy diet… if you eat meat and dairy. My boyfriend is on the diet and is doing quite well. He has lost 5 lbs. in 6 days and feels great. I haven’t confessed to him that I quit. I’m afraid it might motivate him to throw in the towel too.