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I may have quit but she cheated first. So, if it is important, the order of things, then I think all of my readers should understand what came first…the cheat or the quit. And since it is MY blog and I am telling the story first, it behooves you, my hundreds of readers (okay a bit exaggerated but it’s growing), to believe me…no matter what she says.

On the way home from work yesterday, I called Samantha to talk to her about our strategy for sharing our diet diary with my reader world. After the 5 posts in one day fiasco we needed to devise a plan for sharing without overdoing to the point where my followers unfollow for the sake of relief from a mountain of emails.

“That’s great you’re on a diet. But, enough already.”

My phone call to Samantha found her spending quality time with her boyfriend. We rushed through the usual greetings and straight into me blasting her for the extremely long post with the play-by-play of three days of her diet experience (remember we had not had the less is more talk), then her blasting me for posting all that she wrote.

“It was a draft, Kai. I expected you to edit it. ”

Oh well. We didn’t really have much time to talk about it because Samantha is a single mother and finding quality time with your significant other can be difficult for anyone but especially so for single parents. I don’t have to be told twice because I get it so, when she said that she needed to go, I understood. We could figure the posting schedule out later.

You know how our memory can be a bit faulty sometimes? Well I don’t remember exactly when she divulged that she was sitting there having a glass of wine but I remember my reaction:


Now Samantha had cheated before (soda) but, I didn’t say anything because I was cheating everyday by adding nuts to my yogurt. My logic: I don’t do yogurt normally and if I have to have it then I need nuts. Anyway, how could I be a cheater pointing my finger at a cheater for cheating?

But alcohol. That is another story. According to my diet coach, there are three automatic fails that make you have to start over at day one of cycle one: alcohol, sugary drinks, sugary food.

We got off of the phone with a promise to talk later. Only, by the time I got home I had decided I was completely done with this diet. On the way, I was thinking about the name of the next post…this post. Let me be very clear, Samantha was not the cause of me quitting. I started this diet alone and was about 2 days ahead of her. I could have continued on with her cheating everyday if that is what she wanted to do. (Not that she would have) I am only the master of my own domain and although loved the support and conversation have to be accountable for self and to self only. So she did not make me quit but her cheating certainly relieved the idea of any guilt associated with talking her into joining me and then leaving her hanging. She liberated me.

The 17 Day Diet is a great diet. It is simply not a good diet for me. I have serious issues with my stomach and at the end of the day I need to eat according to what my stomach can handle. Otherwise I tend to opt not to eat which is in no way good for me.

My 8 1/2 days on the diet acted as a kick in the butt getting me back on track with healthy eating. I feel good. I have great energy and I am back to exercising.

Last night I quit. Then I ate a small plate of spaghetti and went to the gym.