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We all reach a point where enough is enough.  Hopefully we reach that point before others notice and talk about us behind our backs too afraid to tell a friend the truth or too preoccupied with their own insecurities/issues to recognize an unhealthy pattern since “you could afford to gain some weight” or even somtimes too jealous of where someone else is perceived to be that they don’t understand where they really are.

For the next 17 days, at least, I will share the chronical of two old college friends (Samantha and me) who support each other’s recognition of enough and have embarked upon a parallel journey to healthy eating, weightloss and commitment to be around for several years running behind our little ones and holding our ground with the big ones.

We will post our struggles with this diet, our food choices, our weight gains/losses, and most importantly our day-to-day success with overcoming some pretty bad habits.

Follow us on this journey.  Join us.  Support us.  Be supported by us.