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Posted by Kai on behalf of Samantha F.

OK, so I got online and checked out the 17 day diet and it appears to be a pretty healthy, solid plan that can be done long term. After years of failed diets I have redefined the word for myself. I used to associate diets with quick weight loss gimmicks, starving myself, and crazy eating plans that could never be sustained for more than a few days at a time. I have finally come to the point that I understand that a diet is just a way of eating and if it isn’t something that can be done for a lifetime, then it isn’t worth doing.

Once I shifted my thinking about diets I settled on a mostly vegan diet that is made up of whole foods and is largely plant based. I eliminated fast food, unhealthy carbs, and most processed foods (I aim for foods with 5 or less ingredients on the list when I do buy pre-packaged items). I started out with a very strict vegan lifestyle and have settled into a diet that is probably about 90% vegan and includes quite a bit of juicing. I occasionally eat egg whites, greek yogurt, and even have fish once in a while. As a result I’ve lost 80 lbs., got fit, and reversed Type II diabetes and metabolic syndrome, and got my cholesterol levels to what my doctor characterizes as ideal. However, I have been stuck at about the same weight for several months now and have become complacent in my diet and exercise. Thus, the 17 day diet. Or at least my modified version of it.

My initial concerns were that there are no beans allowed until cycle 2 because of their carb content and no nuts because of their high fat. However, after a little research online I found where the creator of the diet, Dr. Moreno, suggests alternative foods for vegetarians and vegans including tofu, lentils, legumes, vegetarian cheese, and rice, almond, or soy milk. I was also pleasantly surprised to see that black coffee is allowed (although not really encouraged). Since my usual oatmeal, chia, flax breakfast isn’t allowed it looks like I will be eating a lot more egg whites than I normally would, but I guess I’m OK with that.

Day 1, Cycle 1

Drank 16 oz. bottle of water when I woke up


Egg white omelet: 3 egg whites, chopped onion and tomatoes and a dash of cayenne pepper and garlic salt

2 Cups raw spinach

Cup of hot water with lemon


1 small banana

16 oz. water

16 oz. coffee


Large Spinach and Romaine Salad with tomatoes, cucumber, cauliflower, onion, carrots, and cilantro

1/3 cup of oil free spinach artichoke hummus (I mixed it into the salad)

16 oz. water


1 small Fuji apple

16 oz water


Large Spinach salad with onion, carrot, cauliflower, and parsley

¼ cup of oil free spinach artichoke hummus (mixed into salad)

¾ cup black beans

16 oz. water

16 oz water before bed

Overall, I felt like it went well. I wanted to eat more this evening but not because I was hungry. It was more like I just realized I was dieting and felt deprived. But… I just drank some water and reminded myself I wasn’t hungry.