Sometimes the only way that I can describe the crazy that is my existence is with an overused but, favorite cliché of mine.

Oh my God, mom, it is seriously like the blind leading the blind

There are other clichés but, I have hung my hat on this one for quite a while. Using it almost as much as my other favorite cliché for chaos.

Mom, it is ridiculous. The left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing.

I have vented to my mother, friends, family, even co-workers when desperately seeking refuge from insanity. I have vented and used these two phrases so much that their overuse is rather annoying to even me. I have spewed my disgust daily, at the worst of it, and realized how whiny and bitchy I had begun to be. I am having the life sucked right out of me minute by minute. This crazy is stepping on my drive. Burning out my enthusiasm. Grooming me into stereotypical complacency and bitterness.

This morning, I think I actually got it. (at least in my sarcastic ass way). I finally got why sometimes forward progession seems to be at a snail’s pace; why people who seem to be going nowhere may, in fact, still be moving.

English: Street-documentary shot of the blind ...

English: Street-documentary shot of the blind leading the blind by Lee Mclaughlin-eTrips.com (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Blind Can Lead the Blind

As I was driving away from The Boy’s school, headed to work, I noticed two blind people making their way down the street walking in unison, one in front of the other, “linked” with a touch for guidance. It was quite rhythmic. Their canes moved at the same speed, tapping the ground at precisely that same beat. It was a beautiful dance of forward movement. I am sure they did not choose their “handicap” but, they certainly did not let it get in the way of going wherever they needed to go. Regardless of the time it takes, they were going somewhere, moving forward.

And my thought, after witnessing this:

Oh my God. So, I can’t use that cliché anymore. Because the blind actually can lead the blind and it is not a chaotic mess and they get where they are going. So, to use that phrase to describe a dysfunctional, stagnant, commited-to-no-growth environment would be an insult to the blind populace as a whole.