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I think I am eating too much to be on a diet. Although I am allowed to have all if the vegetables and lean meat that I want, I seem to want more than I would normally eat. Since I am supposed to be on a diet, I am not so sure that this is working the way it is supposed to work. How can I lose weight while eating more food than that which got me to this weight?

Oh well. I hope I will get settled into this diet and lose my fear of starving in order to lighten up my intake.


Day 2
Breakfast – homemade turkey sausage, 1 poached egg

Snack – 2 servings of yogurt with fruit and nuts.

Lunch – a big kale, carrot, blueberries and strawberry salad with chicken strips and balsamic vinaigrette dressing.

Snack – a few nuts

Dinner – chicken breast sautéed in a Dijon mustard and balsamic vinegar sauce with onions carrots and cauliflower


Day 3
Breakfast – 1 serving of yogurt with fruit and nuts

Lunch part 1- big kale salad with blueberries, carrots, tomatoes, egg, and balsamic vinaigrette dressing

Lunch part 2 – leftover chicken with veggies

Snack – 1 serving of yogurt with fruit and nuts

Dinner – kale salad with carrots, tomatoes and cucumbers with balsamic vinegar dressing; leftover chicken and veggies

I miss my sweets. Especially after 2:00 pm. I miss crackers, bread, rice. I WANT DESSERT.

But, I am not hungry. I stuffed.