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Sunday I met a friend of mine at a park near my home so that our children, best friends, could play. They had not seen each other for a bit since they are no longer in the same preschool and we, the parents, have very busy lives.

We arrived at the park after they had been there for a while playing. When I walked up I was surprised at how small my friend looked. She was never a very large woman but, by no means would I have ever referred to her as skinny, until now. A bit apprehensively, you have to be careful sometimes, I asked, “have you lost weight?” She exclaimed, “Yes, I’ve lost 15 pounds!!!”

She looked amazing and although I don’t need to lose 15 pounds, I need to lose some. I don’t do diets. I don’t believe in them for me. I strongly advocate for changing your eating habits to improve your overall diet but, I don’t believe in following very strict routines that offer only a momentary fix to a problem that has usually existed for a significant portion of a lifetime. However, I need to lose some weight and my weight has not been a problem for my lifetime and this plan is one for creating a permanent change to how you eat and she lost 15 pounds, 10 in the first month.

The 17-Day Diet

She pulled out her phone and showed me the app for the 17-Day Diet. Honestly, there were several but, the one she uses is the 17-Day Diet Coach. The diet is really geared towards quick results for obese people. It was created by and is more fully explained in Dr. Mike Moreno’s best seller “The 17 Day Diet” but, I am satisfied with following it as best I can with the help of my diet coach.

The diet is made up of 4 cycles with cycle 1 being the most restrictive and cycle 4 being permanent change and healthy eating choices, so very few restrictions. Each cycle lasts 17 days and you are able to move through the cycles as you need. So, if I reach my weight goal after the first cycle, then I can move straight to cycle 4. If I don’t successfully do my first 17 days of cycle 1 then I have to repeat cycle 1.

Summary of Cycle 1 Rules

Allowed unlimited fish, poultry, egg white, and vegetables.

You can eat these foods with the daily limit of 2:

  • 2 cups of less sweet fruits
  • 2 servings of yogurt
  • 2 tablespoons of olive oil or flax-seed oil
  • 2 egg yolks

Plus, must do all things common to all cycles of the diet:

  • drink 8 cups of water
  • eat condiments in moderation
  • eat breakfast
  • start lunch and dinner with a big salad
  • do not eat carb after 2 pm
  • exercise at least 17 minutes

Bonus: drink unsweetened green tea

Day 1 of Cycle 1

For breakfast I had a poached egg and homemade turkey sausage (recipe from app: Tasty Recipes for 17 Day Diet)

Lunch: Mixed greens and kale salad with carrots, blueberries, strawberries, chicken breast and homemade balsamic vinaigrette dressing

Snack: a small orange

Dinner: mixed greens and kale salad with tomatoes, carrots and balsamic vinegar and lemon; chicken breast and kale sautéed in water and a bit of balsamic vinegar

Day One: I was fine, full, most of the day. But, between my snack and dinner I was starving for something sweet…some carbs. I grabbed a few nuts and that staved off the hunger/craving until dinner.

Day One – I Pass