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According to dictionary.com


[goo-guhl]  noun, verb, Goo·gled,Goo·gling.

2. (often lowercase) to search the Internet for information about(a person, topic, etc.):

I don’t want my son’s first and only way of researching anything to be using a search engine.  He is five and it is the perfect time for me to set some basic understandings.  Last night we were having a debate about how to pronounce something in French. He is an expert now, after only a half year in his French school, and constantly correcting me on my pronunciation.  After him insisting it was his way and me insisting it was my way, I jumped up to go get my French verbs book to look up the spelling so I could type it into my iPhone application and get the pronunciation.  As I got up, I said, “I’ll just google it.”
I went to my bookshelf and grabbed the 501 French Verbs book.  I looked up our word, typed it into my application and got a pronunciation that was a combination of my right and his right.  We both listened twice and smiled.
So, we are both wrong.
We practiced the pronunciation and then for the teaching moment, I followed with:
See, when you don’t know something you just google it (as I held up my book).
Him: Um.  What does google mean?
Me:  It means to look something up.
The seed is planted!
He will know the Dewey Decimal System.  He will know how to find a book in the library.  He will know what an encyclopedia is.  He will have a real dictionary…several…hard copy.
He will know how to use technology.  He will know how to survive without it.