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He has been begging to go to the doctor for about three days now. It started on the weekend when the doctor is not in. Although he was sick, I don’t drop everything and run to the doctor or emergency room for a common cold. Only he has made his home in the doctor’s office over the last 5 years…all of his life…dealing with his allergies and his asthma and skull fracture and his hernia repair and his repair of his hernia repair so, when he doesn’t feel well, sometimes even the slightest bit off-feeling, he is ready to go to the doctor and be “fixed”.

He has not had a bonafide asthma attack…knock on wood…since the summer of 2012. He has not truly been sick in just about as long. A cold. We all get them. We all suffer through them. We all get better. But, after three days of him asking and insisting that he needed to go because he is sick and his throat hurts, I made him an appointment for after school today.

When I called the nurse advice line to get the appointment made, the nurse went through the normal checks.

Are you calling for yourself? No, I’m calling for my son.

What is his medical number?

How can I help you?

I explained that he had not been feeling well for about a week and that on Friday he began to have a sore throat. He eats. No fever.

I see he has a history of asthma and wheezing but, I don’t know if that has been diagnosed. (That didn’t make sense to me but, whatever, just get him an appointment.)

Then, the funniest/oddest thing that I have heard anyone say about my son in his short five years.

So, he is, overall, a rather healthy guy.

All I could do is laugh and say, “Well, if that is how you see it, then okay.”

This boy has been sick more than he has been healthy. I can only now relish the thought that perhaps…maybe…he may be just a few steps short of having outgrown his asthma. But, there are still his rather annoying allergies which the allergist doesn’t recognize and his pediatrician insists were not able to be properly tested due to his age. (I don’t need a test…I see it…His doctor sees it..Let me not digress.) His nose is forever swollen/red/tender from too much blowing so he can never blow enough. He has been on albuterol, steroids (inhaled and oral), a daily dosage of antihistamines, bee pollen, honey (anything to help his allergies) and could probably name every doctor and nurse in his doctors office. He has had to have surgeries cancelled and rescheduled three times due to illness putting off an initial surgery for an entire year.

But, he has not been hospitalized.

True. He has not been hospitalized for his asthma. And, if that is the measure of overall health, then he is an overall healthy guy.

I understand that there are those who have had far too many emergency room visits with wheezing babies. When my son was in intensive care for his skull fracture, there was a poor girl struggling to breath…coughing…wheezing…across the room from him; there was a boy with fluid build up on his brain from a line drive right to his head. In recent news a baby born with her heart outside of her body just got to go home from the hospital. Some childrens’ allergies are so intense, life-threatening, that they literally live in a bubble and others are so fragile that even a mother’s loving hug can cause multiple bone fractures.

So. I keep it in perspective.

He is an overall healthy boy. But, tell that to the Boy who just fell asleep attached to his nebulizer after having had a dose of steroid nasal spray and must learn, tomorrow, how to do a nasal rinse.