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Lemon drop

Part vodka
Part fresh squeezed lemon
Part water
Part Agave


I am not a big drinker or even a little drinker, for that matter. I would consider myself not a drinker, but someone who occasionally has a drink. I don’t know drinks by name, except the obvious…wine, champagne, vodka. I don’t know how to mix them, unless it is the obvious rum and coke….which, of course, you would love if you are a lush since I don’t know correct proportions either.

The point is that I don’t really drink but, under the right circumstances, I might just want a drink if you offer.

Well, right before Christmas, I had had a very trying day at work at the end of a difficult week. Only this day, I could not just go straight home and hope the dread of the next week never materializes. The Boy was to be picked up from school by a classmate’s parent for an after-school playdate and then I was to come after work and join them for dinner before heading home. The idea sounded great when she offered…she picks him up…I don’t have to rush before after-school care closes…I don’t have to cook…but, I just wanted to go home. I was tired. I didn’t feel like forced comfort and smiles for the evening.

What was done was done. He was there and I had to go.

I drove to the house, without the use of the GPS on my phone because I had forgotten to pay the phone bill (what?). Thus, I was lost for a moment but arrived just as the woman’s husband had gone to pick up dinner for us at a Mexican restaurant. I knocked. When she opened the door, she looked too at ease to have a house full of three boys just “home” from school. The boys were loud and obnoxious like little boys can be after a long day of school and the excitement of a playdate sets in and my head started hurting with even the thought of how looooooong this evening was going to be. But, then it hit me what she said as I walked into the living room to make myself comfortable.

“Would you like a drink?”

She probably didn’t mean alcohol. As a matter of fact, I am sure she didn’t. But, that is what I heard. And, since I was a guest in her home and her parents obviously raised her right, she, of course, had to oblige.

Lemon Drop Variation

“I can make a lemon drop.”

Remember that I am not a drinker. She may have thought I was by how eager I was to have a “stiff one” (I just like the sound of it). So, she explained what was in the drink and I agreed since I know that I can handle a bit of vodka (only a bit).

That was the most delicious lemonade that I have ever had. She used fresh lemons from her meyer lemon tree, sugar and carbonated water (I think). It was spectacular.

We were not drunk, for the record, or anywhere close, but, we talked and connected on work/school/kids and enjoyed a meal with our crazy boys and her husband who returned with the best Mexican food I have had in quite a while.  This was definitely a great end to a bad week and I am so glad that I pushed through to enjoy and didn’t miss out on getting to know this family just a bit more.

Fast forward two months and I am sitting on the couch on a lazy Saturday afternoon, stuck in the house with a sick little guy and a ton of paperwork that needs to be done by Monday morning. I’ve just finished cleaning the house (most of it) and just want to relax for a moment. I just want a drink. So, as the Man walks back into the house from some errand, I ask, “Hey, why don’t you pull some lemons from the neighbor’s tree and make a lemon drop?” He is an aspiring bartender (parttime gig) and thus happy to try his mixing skills on me. He agreed.

As he walked into the kitchen, I yelled behind him, make one for the Boy Without the drop.

After a lot of mixing and shaking, he handed me a spectacular version of the lemon drop. Not too strong (a feat for him) and just the right combination of sweet and sour. Delicious enough for him to decide that he needed to test his consistency. He made one for himself.

He washed his tools and made the Boy’s drink and handed it to him as he walked in from outside and toward the kitchen.

The Man: Here you go buddy.
The Boy: Thanks. Did you leave out the drop?

Moments later
The Boy: mom, this is good. Next time when anyone makes me a lemon drop can you make sure they leave out the drop.
Me: yep

I am waiting for the day he orders his “lemonade” at a restaurant. Really waiting.