I don’t know where I have been sleeping all this time that I did not know of Andrea Bocelli.  I know I miss out the world by not watching television but, how could I have missed this?  Searching for my favorite renditions of my favorite Christmas songs, I came across Andrea Bocelli’s duet with Mary J Blige and his duet with Celine Dion and his duet with Sarah Birghtman and his duet with Heather Headley and all I could think was where the hell have I been?  This man has an amazingly moving voice.  So beautiful.  So beautiful.

Today, my coworker disturbed my enjoyment of Andrea Bocelli singing What Child Is This.

Me: Wait, don’t disturb my song.  This man can sing!

I took my headphones off and asked, “do you know who Andrea Bocelli is?”

Him:  You mean the blind Italian singer?

Me: (flabergasted) What? He’s blind?  No wonder.  When I saw him sing I just wanted him to open his eyes.

Of course, he laughed at me as I laughed at myself.  I watched him sing in several videos and the songs where such meaningful songs that it never occured to me that his eyes were closed for any reason other than that he was enjoying/feeling the music.  Plenty of singers close their eyes on ballads and the camera always panned away before there would be any clue to an inability to see.

Let’s be clear…it does not matter whether he can see or not.  He has the most spectacular voice.  I will search for when and if I can have the opportunity to see him live.  (Wait, I am wondering if he is still alive; not sure how long I have slept on this one.) Ok.  He is and I am in love.

I also need to WAKE UP.  I am missing life.