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I Voted and Proud of It

Proposition 30 – APPROVED
Yes = 53.9%
No = 46.1%

YES vote: There will be an increase in state income taxes on the wealthy (those who make over $250,000) for seven years. Sales taxes will increase by ¼ cent for four years. Its passage will stave off $6 billion in automatic “trigger cuts” — mainly to K-12 schools and state universities — that Gov. Jerry Brown wrote into the 2012-2013 budget.

I don’t like paying more money for anything but, I am happy to see this pass. It just boggles my mind that our schools, and not just California’s, have such little support. Our teachers are so underpaid and yet the byproduct of good teachers and a good system is successful individuals. How little we invest in those that have the most influence on our future is amazing.

Proposition 31 – REJECTED
Yes = 39.2%
No = 60.8%

NO vote: There will be no change to the California legislature and governor’s fiscal responsibilities.

Proposition 32 – REJECTED
Yes = 43.9%
No = 56.1%

NO vote: There will be no change to the laws that currently allow unions and corporations to use money automatically deducted from their employees’ pay checks for political purposes.

Great! This had my support hands down. I am a union employee.

Proposition 33 – REJECTED
Yes – 45.4%
No – 54.6%

NO vote: Auto insurance companies will continue to be prohibited from giving customers discounts based on their histories with other companies.

Proposition 34 – REJECTED
Yes – 47.2%
No – 52.8%

NO vote: California’s death penalty sentence remains intact.

Okay, why people? Why? I am not against the death penalty in principle. But, what good is the CA death penalty with most people on death row sitting there for years on end building up and working on their cases to appeal their convictions? California spends far too much money supporting those that are supposed to be put to death. And, as much as, in principle, I am okay with putting to death a mass murderer or serial killer, I am not okay with the possibility of putting to death someone who simply could not afford a good legal defense team. Let’s not even talk about the cases that have been overturned due to newly available DNA testing.

We need to bring this one back to the table….DEFINITELY.

Proposition 35 – APPROVED
Yes – 81.1%
No – 18.9%

YES vote: Prosecutors will be able to seek harsher penalties (fines and prison sentences) for convicted human traffickers.

I think we slept on this one. And, by we, I mean those other Californians, the ones that don’t realize the full breadth of the repercussions of putting this into place. But, I give it to those that brought this to the table. They named it just right to make sure that people reacted with a response without fully reading and considering the impact. Stop, pause, think about it. Let’s see how this plays out unjustly for the masses.

Proposition 36 – APPROVED
Yes – 68.6%
No – 31.4%

YES vote: Convicts with two prior convictions who commit a third, nonserious or non-violent crime will not be sentenced to life in prison. Those who are currently in jail with a life sentence for a nonserious or non-violent crime could be given shorter prison sentences.

Perfect! This law, I am sure, was well intended but, ended up being poorly interpreted. This change didn’t come quick enough.

Proposition 37 – REJECTED
Yes – 46.9%
No – 53.1%

NO vote: Genetically engineered foods will continue to remain unlabeled.

This is not over. I am sure. We are sure to see this come up again.

Proposition 38 – REJECTEDYes – 27.7%
No – 72.3%

NO vote: Californians continue with their current personal state income tax rates. Schools get no extra money.

As much as I am for schools and educators, I could not vote for this. Jokingly, I said, “my son doesn’t go to public school so, I am not paying this tax.” But, the truth of the matter is that an increase to income tax would just add to the burden that many Californians are already shouldering. It is just not affordable across the board.

Proposition 39 – APPROVED
Yes – 60.1%
No – 39.9%

YES vote: All businesses will be forced to calculate their taxes based exclusively on in-state sales.

Spectacular! Only makes sense.

Proposition 40 – APPROVED
Yes – 71.4%
No – 28.6%

YES vote: California will continue to use the new Senate district boundaries that were drawn and certified by the Citizens Redistricting Commission in 2011.

Marin County Measure A – PASSED
1/4 cent sales tax increase to preserve quality of life and maintain open space, parks, and farmland, with funds that cannot be taken by the State…

San Jose Minimum Wage Increase Initiative – PASSED
(not sure that is the official name)  Raises the minimum wage to $10.00 in San Jose.

So, businesses may not like it but, they’ll adjust.  Just like their employees have to adjust their lifestyle to try to make ends meet where minimum wage doesn’t even cover the cost of basic living.  This is another no-brainer and more cities should follow suit where there is a grave imbalance between the cost of living and minimum wage.  Kuddos to San Jose voters for seeing this one through.

I know that I don’t have everything listed here. Please feel free to add those measures/initiatives that you were passionate about that may have been left off. Overall, I think we did OK.

Proposition results exerted from http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/11/07/california-election-results_n_2088845.html#slide=1732262