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Just this morning I was having a conversation with a friend about how blindly people follow politicians and hang on their every word, as if it is the law, even when what is said in one moment is a direct contradiction to what is said in the immediately following moment.  How can people be so stupid?  How can we, really they, not see the contradiction in their words and actions?  We left off the conversation with me saying, “I don’t believe people are really that dumb.”

Then, as I sat waiting for my tired new kindergartener to wake up to have dinner, after having fallen asleep in the car on the ride home, I came across an article about a mother who sat her twins down on a potty chair in the middle of a busy restaurant and continued her meal with babies peeing and pooping while they picked at their food.  Disgusting and, as many commenters to the post noted, wrong on so many levels.  Naked kids in a busy restaurant.  Naked kids peeing and pooping on a potty in a busy restaurant.  Naked kids peeing and pooping on a potty at a table in the middle of a busy restaurant.  Naked kids peeing and pooping on a potty at a table in the middle of a busy restaurant while they and others try to enjoy their meal.  (It just gets worse as the picture is more fully painted.)

Mom with the naked peeing kids, you are an idiot!

Now, there were well over 600 comments to this post. (I need that many followers, or do I?)  But, the one that stood out to me in the five minutes that I gave this ridiculous story my attention was this one from Niki Chaves, who had to go and add insult to injury:

1 second ago ( 9:18 PM)

If you breastfeed in public without any kind of covering over your breast, and the “excuse” given is “it’s natural….blah,blah,blah”, then why would you have an aversion to seeing someone go to the bathroom in public? It’s certainly “natural” and, after all, “Everyone Eats, Everyone Poops”, right?
I have no desire to witness either situation……………..


Aandeborst (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Really, Niki, as The Man would say, you are an idiot.  In fact, idiot is easily an understatement.  Exactly how can you equate feeding your child what it is meant to be fed, where people are meant to be fed, to allowing your child to pee/poop where people are meant to be fed.  What are you? A moron?  Breastfeeding is certainly natural.  Relieving yourself is certainly natural.  But, it is certainly not natural to relieve yourself where you eat.  Or perhaps it is in your neck of the back of the woods.  And in that case, I can’t blame you for being an idiot because it most certainly must be natural.

Great job Niki, you have single-handedly proven that people really are that stupid.

And, if you think it is not okay to feed your baby in public, I hope you never have kids and they are never hungry in public.  And, if this world is ever so unfortunate as to see the likes of you bringing children into the world, I hope you are forced to take your meal in the creatively named bathroom (Women’s Lounge) where you would certainly, assuredly, prefer others feed their kids. And, I hope someone puts a blanket over your head while you eat.

Again, Niki Chaves, and anyone who even remotely thinks like you, you are an idiot.