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 I can’t understand how it is that a person who refuses to involve themselves in the political process can take a stance one way or the other.  (Stand up or Shut up…but, don’t) Don’t tell me that you are not willing to stand and speak because “politicians are only out for themselves” when the real issue is that the only voices that can affect changes are those that are heard so, your lack of willingness to participate in the selection of politicians only fortifies their ability to be “out for themselves” or only those that think/believe/lie like them.

Yesterday, a friend asked for whom I thought he should vote.  And, as much as I would like to cast each person’s vote for my candidate, I am a firm believer that YOUR vote is YOUR choice.  I can say that my choice is to give full support to someone who by resisting an inclination to join “them” at “their” game of fear mongering and hate speech has earned my respect and admiration.  I can advise that it is easier to point the finger towards what someone has not accomplished than to look at all that has been done and to recognize that failed initiatives or unkept promises are often the result of an explicit determination by others to block every step of the way.  I can say that it is amazing to me that no credit can be given for the positive 20 steps moved forward but full “credit” is given for the few steps not moved.  (Be consistent, please)


       At the end of the day I cannot tell you how to vote and I don’t typically speak politics because on many levels I am not as informed as I would want to be in preparation for intellectually based discourse on the pros and cons of one versus the other.  And although, the picture is as clear as day…for me (President Barack Obama Full DNC Acceptance Speech)…I can’t make that decision for the other. 

I can’t mark your ballot. But, I can say that you NEED to mark YOUR ballot.  You NEED to register to vote in order that you have a ballot.  You have been afforded the right to vote.  That right has been fought for in order that politicians not be allowed to only be out for themselves and that they be accountable to the women, the Blacks, the not-so-wealthy.  It is your right to be heard.  Yet, it is your choice to speak.  I can only hope and pray that you make the right choice.

Well said!
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I don’t agree with but, I don’t have to hate, the other side of things (thank you Bill…like we’re friends):

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