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Unshackled from the hold of justifications
clarifications and explanations of the ramifications
of points that are all commonly seen

Released from the strain of pretending
that this that is was meant to be
what it has never really meant
and wont be

Turned loose from imprisonment in a world
of whispered comments,
assumptions from answers presumed
to questions unasked

Passive aggressive bullshit

Unbound from the  ever-tightening
strangled hold of commitment
and promise to stay despite

Despite the many despites
to be with you
Despite you
Despite me

Excused from a cold world
without smiles
sans laughter
where distrust and insecurities have grown
in a garden of waste and want

Exempt from taxing baby-momma drama
and spoiled baby antics
Exempt from your tantrums
Your pain
Your stresses
Your tantrums

I retract
to extract from me
all parts of you


Delivered back unto me

I am Free to Breathe