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Sometimes the most difficult sacrifice that the single parent has to make is that sacrifice of self necessary when we stay constant in our convictions to mind what is in the best interest of our chiild(ren). Ultimately, we have to redirect the negative energy of a love scorned towards understanding that there once was love (hopefully) and that failed love created that which we find most precious. I would give anything for my three. I have given everything. It is a constant struggle to couch my anger/frustration/ego for the sake of The Boy, The Man and The Girl-in-the-Middle.



lingers in my veins,

flows throw my body

with the river of my blood.


washes over my mind,

flooding my thoughts,

sinking my expectations.


gnaws at my good intentions,

consuming my humbleness,

demolishing the undeserving respect.


engulfs my judgment,

ignites my fury,

at the sight of his face.



embraces my soul,

gripping my sanity

grasping me to this earth


soothes my spirit,

calms my entangled nerves,

tranquilizing the negativity soaring through


educates my ignorant past

prepares my unknown future

reassures my conflicted emotions.


reminds me she is half of me

reminds me she is half of him

reminds me if I love her, then I must have love for him


at the sight of her face.

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