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Okay, so he isn’t really a bastard, by definition.  And I know that in a moment of sanity, that is not how we talk to or about our kids.  But, reality being what it is and given that I have had to leave sanity by the wayside in order to come even the slightest bit close to being able to process the thinking of this one, I am not at all ashamed and will not be ashamed after I have gone to my room and thought about it.

I don’t understand how the youth of today have gotten to a point of feeling entitled to, not necessarily deserving of, any and all things.  Even respect…how is it that someone who has yet to be able to mature enough to think through who to call when the medication he is taking is suspected of causing a rash…  Mom, “who is my medical practitioner?”, thinks that he is to be respected as an adult.  I pay for his housing, his gas, his toll, his cell phone bill, his meals, the utilities he uses, his acne medication, and he drives my car under my insurance policy.  Yet, watch out world because he is an adult and heaven forbid I ask him to do anything.

“Mom, I guarantee you that you ask me to do at least three things a day.”  Really, is this what I have raised?  Really? A self-righteous bastard who has nothing and complains about the few things that are asked of him. 

Me:  Can you run to the store to get some corn meal for the corn bread.

Him:  I don’t feel like it.  We don’t need corn bread for dinner.

This is a boy-child that has watched his mom work her ass off to provide when others who were obligated refused.  I have carried the financial, emotional, psychological burden of this boy-child almost completely alone year-to-date.  And when anything…anything…is needed, it is me…not his dad, grandmother (on his dad’s side), aunts, uncles, or anyone else that has come through.  And who’s hand does he bite?  At twenty years old, is there any appreciation?

No…because “you’re supposed to be there for me.  You are my mom.”  Where did he find that in the parenting 101 rule book.  I have seen my responsibility through it’s 18 year expiration date.  Anything above and beyond that has been by choice not obligation.  My choice has been to support him through graduating from college.  Yet, his choice was to waste the first two years of community college failing his classes due to lack of attention, lack of attendance, lack of anything that would lead to success in classes that he chose.  His choice is to speak to me disrespectfully, disregard household rules, and challenge me every step of the way.

Well, that is not a part of the deal.  Unfortunately, for this idiot, I am done and that is the tragedy.  He had his biggest cheerleader in his corner rooting for his success in all endeavors and willing to continue to carry his burden through and as opposed to showing respect and willingness to participate in the responsibilities that accompany maintaining a living space, he climbed up on his high horse and stood his ground.  Well, his horse has no gas, no food, no veterinary care.  His horse is worthless and a boy on a worthless horse with rusty knight armor does not a knight make and, more importantly, will surely be no match for me. 

I am done enabling that boy.  My patience has reached its ultimate limit.  He is on his own.