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1.  At this point in my life, as much as I wanted to celebrate the coming of the new year with a good friend, when given the opportunity, I chose to stay home and be with my thoughts and my precious monster.

2.  My “new year” began in October when I embarked upon a mission to write a post a day through the end of 2011.  As “new year’s” resolutions often go, I was on target right up until the end when sickness, stress and Christmas sidetracked me for a moment.  But, the commitment to growth through written expression started a whole new idea of self.

3.  I have no desire to go out on December 31st and pay $75 for what would only cost me $20 any other time.  I’ve done it and am over that need.  I would rather be at home with good friends, family and a few strangers playing games, enjoying good food and lively music.

4.  New Year’s Eve dinner with The Boy = mussels, chicken wings, mixed greens salad with coconut vinaigrette dressing, chocolate mousse.

5.  I have reached the end of my posting commitment.  I am not sure what 2012 will bring for my blog but, you have definitely not heard the last of me.

6.  Truth be told, gone are the days of worrying about being up to toast at midnight.  I don’t even like champagne and I am certain to be sleep well before the ball drops so, if you have my number, please do not call until January 1.

Happy New Year.  I hope your new year starts the same as your old year ends….with a bang!!!!