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Seems that I have missed quite a few postings in my Post-A-Day challenge for 2011.  Initially, it bothered me that I was not meeting the commitment that I made a few months back and it didn’t dawn on me that I had accepted the challenge and met the challenge until my health challenged me.  It didn’t matter that I had posted everyday for 58 days before illness took over my mind and body and kept me from functioning.  It didn’t matter that right as my body was fighting off whatever virus any number of people may have exposed me to by coming to work sick or coughing in my face countless nights, thanks little guy, Christmas was sneaking up on me and adding another stress to my already stressed out self.  At the end of it all and after going over all of the excuses in my head, I was still disappointed.

Then it hit me.  So what I made a commitment to write everyday.  At the time of making that commitment, I could not have foreseen being as sick and as tired and as stressed as I was.  And, who would have benefited from me putting out half-thought out, nonsensical ramblings of a sick person?  Surely, my audience would not appreciate me writing anything just for the sake of writing something.   I would not have wanted to read anything that I could have written in the past few days and thus, would not put that on anyone else to read.  Nor would I put it out there to be revisited later and remind me of how sick, how tired, how ridiculous I was to think it that important to post that I didn’t consider myself or my readers.

So, I apologize for missing a few days but, trust me, you didn’t miss a thing.

Hope your holidays are treating you well.