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The Boy:  Mommy, do you know what I want for Christmas?

Me:  What is that?

The Boy:  A beautiful Christmas tree.

Maybe he thought that we were not going to have Christmas in our home.  After all, there were no decorations up, no conversations about Santa, no Christmas carols and no Christmas movies at home.  Yet, he is surely getting an earful at school from all of the other kids whose parents have undoubtedly been talking up Christmas since Thanksgiving. 

Early that same week, my daughter inquired about my plans for decorating.

The Girl-in-the-Middle: Mom, are we even decorating for Christmas?

Me:  Yes.  It’s not Christmas yet.

The Girl-in-the-Middle:  I know but you usually would have put up all kinds of decorations by now.

Me:  Well, you can go ahead and do it if I am taking too long.

The Girl-in-the-Middle:  Nevermind.  I will do it with you but, I don’t want to do it by myself.

Truth be told, I am really irritated with Christmas of late and don’t feel like putting up anything.  But, they need their Christmas and I am not going to be the Scrooge this year.  So, despite having been sick all week and in the bed all day Saturday trying to recuperate, we went out Sunday to find a tree. 

Wanting to have a more environmentally-conscious Christmas celebration, we opted for a live tree.  After Christmas we will transplant it to a larger pot that will allow it to grow to 6-8 feet tall.  We will have to tend to it throughout the year, trim it, and bring it in at Christmas to hold our lights and decorations each year. 

It is a tiny tree for now but, I am extremely excited to add this as a tradition to our family.  I just wish that someone would have reminded me that I am allergic to Christmas trees.