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For the past week, I have been fighting whatever bug  that launched an attack against my immune system last Monday.  It doesn’t feel like a cold…no runny nose, no sneezing and until Sunday, no coughing.  Feels like a flu…but, I have had my flu shot.  Thursday night my throat hurt so bad that it woke me and kept me up for most of the night.

On Friday, I felt like my body was about to explode.  Through the night, as I struggled to make it until the morning without adding drugs to my system on an empty stomach, I wondered how I was going to make it to work.  In the morning, my head hurt, I was sick to my stomach and my back was killing me as I headed to work knowing that a training course and a meeting would be waiting for me.

I was miserable the entire day; I was losing the battle against the bug. There was nothing left to do but rest.  Despite plans to go to a Christmas party, despite The Boy’s plea to go to the park, despite needing to meet my post-a-day commitment, I did nothing…absolutely nothing but spend the entire day, Saturday, in the bed.

My precious daughter, not used to seeing mommy down, asked “are you really going to stay in the bed all day?”.  Uhhhh, yeah…isn’t that what sick people do?  She is the greatest and even though she moves a little slow in bringing the soup because she needs to braid her hair first or she thinks it takes 20 minutes to finish the popsicle you wanted before having the soup, even though she may even forget that she went downstairs to get you soup in the first place, at the end of the day, she will massage your back, go to the store for nurse-back-to-health aids, take the little guy to the park, make his lunch, make your lunch, play, and make something for dinner all before she begs to leave you to go spend the night at her friend’s home.

“You’ll be okay, mom.”