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It has now been a little over one month since I started blogging.  I have 45 posts under my belt, not including this one, and 42 followers; some I know and some perfect strangers encountered in this cyber world of writing and sharing.  I have come across some spectacular writers in my exploration of what else is out there and how a blog really works.  This is a wonderful adventure and I am enjoying my growth through commitment to exercise in this craft.

One thing that came to mind today is that I, like many others I am sure, followed the recommendation on building readership through asking friends and family to follow my blog.  It was especially important to me to have the support of those closest to me but, now I am realizing a slight flaw to this plan.  My friends and family share experiences about which I may vent or rant.  It is likely that something we have discussed or participated in together will  spark deeper thought or frustration and influence tomorrow’s blog.

This is my space.  It is my place to be free and expressive however I see fit at the time.  This is where I find my release, in my voice, despite how loud, how obnoxious or how unabashed that voice may be.  This is not a space for me to be overly mindful of the prospect of hurt feelings due to a recognition of familiarity in my writings.

It is with that thought that I advise one of three things to those that are so dear to me.  1.  Protect yourself and unfollow/unsubscribe.  Never return to my blog.  Leave me and my writings to me and the wonderful strangers who like and laugh at the crazy that is mine.  2.  Stay. You are welcome.  Stay at your own risk as I will not apologize for my musings.  This is me…sort of raw….basically uncut.  If you stay, don’t ask if it is about you and I won’t tell. It may sometimes be better that way.  3.  Get some tea, sit, read and relax.  Have a laugh with me.