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I am not really superstitious.  I don’t forward the countless wonderful messages that I get from very well-intending loved ones believing that if I don’t the money that was coming my way won’t find its way.  I don’t make my friends retrace their steps backwards to unsplit the pole that we mistakenly just split.  I know that if I step on the crack, it doesn’t necessarily result in breaking your mother’s back.  I don’t throw salt over my shoulder when I break a mirror.  However, it is the hardest thing for me to pass a penny without picking it up.

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Sometimes I try to keep walking, pretending that I didn’t see it;  especially, when my hands are full or I just don’t feel like getting them dirty.  Who knows where that penny has been? Yet, I feel the impending doom of the forces of nature that control my receipt or non-receipt of fortune passing over me the moment I decide to pass over a penny.  If you don’t appreciate money, money won’t appreciate you.  A penny is not insignificant…a penny saved is a penny earned.

Pass a penny, pick it up, and all day long you’ll have good luck.  I heard somewhere, at some point, that this was only true if you found the penny laying heads up.  So, if I can’t see whether it is heads or tails up then I am not obligated to pick it up because I have not, in fact, found it. Right?

So, I passed up the penny.  I was tired.  It was cold.  My hands were full and dang it, that street is nasty.  People spit and pee and poop and spit and pour their drinks and trek the foot remnants of the pee and spit from other neighborhoods all over that street.  So I kept walking.

I passed the first penny and then there was another.  It was as if the money-giving forces were giving me a second chance.  “Okay, maybe you didn’t see the first one.  Here you go.  Here’s another. Go ahead.”  And what did I do?  I passed the second penny.  I was freaking doomed. But, the second penny was only a few steps from the first, laying in the same pee/poop/spit/city remnant mess as the first.  I was just as tired, just as cold and my hands were just as full as they were three steps prior.  Couldn’t the second chance be given a block away or later in the day?

Well, what was done was done.  It was definitely too late to turn back.  The saying is not pass a penny, think about the loss, go back and look for it, pick it up…blah blah blah.  My chance at improved luck was gone and quite frankly, I didn’t care.  I would have looked stupid going back to try to find a penny in the face of homeless people begging for spare change, me…the one with the job I am heading to.  Plus, I am not superstitious.

Perhaps I missed out on winning the lottery or getting a raise or some other great fortune that Friday and I will have to live with my decision for the rest of my life.  But, I am working on me so, today, when I saw that dime laying heads up on the same spit/pee/you-get-the-idea street, you better believe that tired, back hurting, headache and all, I bent over and picked it up.  Then, five steps later, there was that penny waiting for me and I picked it up too.

I feel so much better but, really, I am not superstitious.