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I was so exhausted last night that I fell asleep right in the middle of downloading photos and writing this post.  I had spent my day photographing an Occupy San Francisco and Occupy Oakland Flash Mob and neither my body nor my brain were working much at the end of it. So, it is probably a good thing that I was unable to finish my post last night because you may have lost confidence in my ability to make any sense had you read anything produced under such circumstances.

I had the most unreasonable, for me anyway, expectation to participate in the protests, download and edit all photos,  then write this post detailing my day with photos to tell the story before my 2:00 a.m. self-imposed posting deadline.  Journalists make it look so easy or at least feasible and perhaps if journalism/reporting was my regular thing, then I would be used to it.  However, it isn’t and I am not.  So, this post is a few hours late and will not include all photos.  I will share those as a separate gallery sometime in the near future.

A bit of background on the event.

Thursday, I came across an advertisement/invitation for participation in an Occupy Bay Area Flash Mob.  The performance was to take place in the two prominent Occupy locations in the Bay Area: Justin Herman Plaza in San Francisco in the morning and Frank Ogawa Plaza in Oakland in the afternoon.  The afternoon performance would be immediately preceding a scheduled march through the Oakland city streets.  We would meet up in the morning at 10:30 and be done by about 3:00 in the afternoon.

Every since my birthday dance production at the park, I have wanted to do a flash mob and since I am trying to get out more, I hopped on the opportunity to sign up to show my support for the movement.  Once confirmation of my sign up was complete, I noticed that the group putting it on, Dancing Without Borders, had earlier put out a call for photographers and videographers.

Photography takes precedence over performing any day. I sent an email asking if they needed more photographers and they did and I did it and here we are.