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I would like to thank you for the many wonderful recipes that you share on your website.  The photos are so beautiful, and I am left with my mouth watering after every visit.  I am a single mom with three kids and have gotten pretty bored with my standard meals.  I don’t eat pork, or beef, or dairy, or soy and I have a hard time finding recipes that interest me while being something that won’t take hours to prepare and serve.

The idea of a 30 minute meal amazes me.  Seeing as it takes me at least an hour to prepare even spaghetti, I can’t see how anyone can get from the door to the table in 30 minutes while also providing a plate filled with a variety of colors, a meat choice, and two vegetables or a vegetable and a starch – a balanced meal.  But, you say it can be done on the website and in your magazine, and I believed you Rachael.

I believed you could do it.  After all, I am sure that you have a professional kitchen with a restaurant quality stove.  So, perhaps all of your pots can go on to boil, stew, simmer, fry at the same time.  And I am sure that you have a set of your beautiful cutlery, a high powered blender, a state of the art mixer, and maybe two food processors. I am sure I don’t need to mention that you are definitely able to cut, dice and slice faster than I would even dare lest I end up with bits and pieces of my fingers served with the meal.

You rock Rachael, but, I just want to ask if you could provide a list of thirty minute meals that address the needs of the 99% that are not privileged to prepare a meal in a kitchen like yours.  It would be especially nice if your thirty minute meals were actually meals.  I don’t make the rules or set the guidelines for what constitutes a meal and I know that technically, according to Webster’s New College Dictionary (Third Edition), a meal is “food served and eaten in one sitting”; however, if I set a bowl of French Cut Green Beans with Almonds and Fried Onions before my brood of three, they will graciously get up from the table to go get the rest of the “meal” from the kitchen.  And when there is nothing there, they won’t accept an explanation that Rachael Ray thinks this is a meal.  They will hate me and  will starve, I am sure.

Oh, by the way, Rachael, I also don’t consider Crunchy Oven-Baked Chicken Toes, Hot-n-Sweet Kettle Corn or Wasabi Broiled Black Cod a meal.  Perhaps, if I put them all together, then my family would be satisfied that I have provided a complete meal.  Of course, then it wouldn’t fit in your thirty minute meal category.  I am not sure what you should do about that.

Lastly, maybe you could devote some of your 30 Minute Meal segments to people like me, the regular folk.  We would love to figure out how to get a solid, balanced, healthy meal on the table for our crumb snatchers after a hard day at work and, perhaps, a long commute home.  Oh, and don’t forget that we are liable to have any number of kids tugging at us the entire way from the door to the kitchen and through meal preparation.

Can you provide something for people like us? Can you make it simple, without the requirement for kitchen equipment we are not likely to have because braces or asthma meds took precedence?  As a matter of fact, if I only needed my hands and limited ingredients while still having 5-star flavor, that would be awesome.

Thank you for time.  I look forward to just a few minor adjustments on your behalf (talk to your producer) and then maybe, just maybe, I might get some benefit from your show and be able to believe you again.