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Music has a special way of speaking to me.  Studies show that putting something in song or rhyme helps in the memorization. If you want the message to stick, put it in a catchy song.  I still think back to the childhood singing of the ABCs in order to know which letter comes after what letter when alphabetizing anything.  Kind of like having to sing the entire song, and envision Julie Andrews dancing through the meadows with kids dressed in refashioned curtains, in order to know what comes after “la”.  It’s ti; a drink with jam and bread.

Put it in a song and it will speak to me, often saying more than could have possibly been intended.  I am the one sitting in the pew at church trying desperately to hear the message of the sermon but just praying that the choir would hurry up and chime in with a song before the message is completely lost. (I don’t know what the priest talked about in church today.)  I need the music to bring me to a place where lost is found.

50 Ways to Leave Your Lover

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The best thing that could have happened to me (ok…how many times does one say that) was Pandora, with its uncanny way of knowing precisely what I need to hear and exactly when I need to hear it.  I have gotten so many unexpected messages and direction from my private radio with few commercials interrupting my move towards enlightenment.  Sitting there so unexpectedly,  I am taken aback when Paul Simon starts to spew his infinite words of wisdom.

There must be fifty ways to leave your lover. Just slip out the back, Jack. Make a new plan, Stan. Don’t need to be coy, Roy.  Just get yourself free…”

What I heard from this musical preaching was stop bullshitting and do the damn thing. What am I waiting for to take care of self.  I don’t owe any explanations to anyone nor need to seek approval from others.  The only prerequisite for me doing me is me making the plan to do so.

I offer words of wisdom to my friends, suggesting that they can’t have what they don’t claim.  “The first thing is to claim it. Decide what you want and claim it. Once you have affirmed that it is yours, work to achieve the goal that you must believe is attainable.”  Too often, I am thinking how great the advice is and that I should try to follow it myself.

Sometimes we devote ourselves to something so strongly that when the tides turn we don’t relinquish the hold for fear of what the pain will be when we let go.  Despite the dysfunctional relationship, we push on believing there to be a light at the end of the tunnel or we are so entrenched in the routine or status quo that we are afraid of the challenge of change.


Just drop off the key, Lee. Get yourself free.

Paul is abso-freaking-lutely brilliant.  Just let it go.  All of it.  Any of it.  Let go of the idea that this was your forever forever.  Let go of your notions of right that have only caused you wrong.  Let go of your momma’s ways or your daddy’s ways that have led you astray, let go of the need for approval, let go of your kids to hold onto your kids, let go of the job that’s causing you ulcers, let go of your need and meet a want, let go of proper, let go of the old rules, let go of him, let go of her, let go of expectations, let go of maybes to replace with definitely, let go of not now but later for not later but right now, let go of I don’t think I can for I will, let go of this you for the real you, let go of the fear of letting go,  let go of other’s beliefs to find your own, let go of everyone’s suggestions, let go of your need for that before you can do this…..just freaking let go.

Just hop on the bus, Gus.  Get yourself free. (Paul Simon rocks)

Let go of your unhealthy love relationship with some-one, some-thing, some-thought.  Get yourself free.