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Dinner time is a time for the family to come together and share the makings of their day, discuss school, work, plans for the weekend, daily events.  But, how are we supposed to talk and chew at the same time.  First of all, if it is supposed to be served hot, as are most of my meals, then I want to eat it when it is hot.  So, how am I supposed to eat my hot food while carrying on a conversation if I am not supposed to talk with food in my mouth. 

What about if I take small bites and just shift the food to the side while I sneak in a small thought.  Oh…don’t act like you haven’t done it before or witnessed it a thousand times.  You have to be skilled at it.  You have to learn to take small bites, use your tongue to shift the food, tuck it snugly so no bits fly out and put someone’s eye out, and most importantly, make your thought short and sweet.

Chew, push, tuck, “That’s what I thought.” Release, chew, swallow.

I grew up in a house where smacking your food meant a smack in the mouth.  Talking with food in your mouth meant a smack in the mouth.  Looking at momma like she’s crazy – yep, smack in the mouth.  One had to learn to avoid smacks in the mouth and still get a word or two in here or there. (5 kids and I was the youngest…hard to get a word in)

What I want to know is, am I the only one that knows it is poor manners to talk with food in your mouth and at least tries to hide on those few occassions when I must?

My kids seem to wait until they have put the food in their mouths before they even attempt to answer a question or offer a thought. My oldest is the absolute best at it.  It’s simply amazing that after all of these years he still doesn’t get it.  (not enough smacks)

Chew…I ask a question…chew…swallow…food on the fork ready…into the mouth…he attempts to answer

And imagine that my 4year old is correcting his sister (mind you, while he is smacking away on his food)

The Boy, in his you-know-better tone and emphasizing each syllable:“Chel-sey, (looks my way) don’t…chew…with…food…in…your….mouth! (back at mommy)

Me: “Yeah, Chel-sey” I give him my you-told-her smile. We must encourage our children and he’s only a bit confused.

It isn’t just my kids.  But, I can’t smack my adult friends and if they, in their 30’s and 40’s, haven’t learned appropriate manners by now, then what is there for me to do.  Duck and dodge.  That’s it.