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8:20am Text with The Girl –

Her: Woooooo, I told you I study (with photo attached.)

Me: That’s a beautiful start to my day.  Thank you.  Congratulations

Here: And you thought I didn’t study.

Me:  I thought you don’t study enough.  Imagine if you studied more.  You could get an A.

Her: Studying for long periods of time is statistically shown to not be as helpful as taking breaks.

Tell me, where did she get the statistics and exactly  which ones is she referring to.  Now, I know that there is a bit of truth in what she says but it just floors me when my mathematically challenged daughter starts to lecture me about statistics and my inability to do math word problems.

Ok..so I threw that last part in but, really.  If two trains are leaving station A, travelling at different speeds on separate tracks and you need to know which will reach station B first and at what time, check the damn itinerary, I am sure there is an app for that.  (But I digress.)

The Girl made me proud today.  Proud of her grade and proud of her willingness to allow me to share her joy (we have had a tough few days).  Yet, she just doesn’t get that she could achieve so much more and on a more consistent basis if she set her standards, expectations of self, a little higher and studied a little harder.

Breaks are okay but when the breaks come often and last longer than the periods of study, there is something out of whack.  But, today she made me proud and right on time because yesterday death was soon to be upon her.  So, we will review her “statistics” later.

What is your study to break ratio?