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British Parliament was addressed by MP Charles Walker with what is thought to be the shortest speech in its history.  “If not now, when?”  Succinct and powerful beyond the discussion of referenda and UK’s European Union future.  That speech, as I heard in a report on KQED on my drive to work, sat with me for a moment longer than usual.  I wasn’t thinking about the citizenry and their right to vote on whether to withdraw from the EU and the ramifications of such a withdrawal.  I drifted to my thoughts of a 4 year old boy, who doesn’t fully understand the concept of time, telling me he would brush his teeth “in five minutes, mom…five minutes.”

“Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow we’re going to the store, right?”

Thing is, he has no clue what five minutes really is.  But, it is from the mouth of babes that we learn our faults, inconsistencies and opportunities for growth.  I

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can’t count how many times he has heard me say, “just five minutes.”  I am so caught up in my moment of sleep, work, conversation, laziness that I don’t stop to think that The Boy lives in the present.  Everything happens for him now.

I know that I am not doing any severe damage by making The Boy wait a moment, at times.  As a single parent of three, there are likely to be more times than not when he will have to wait.  And, knowing how to wait is a very valuable skill.  However, having to wait because mommy is tired from staying up watching Law and Order – Special Victims Unit (netflix rules-no commercials), or is playing Hanging With Friends on her new iPhone isn’t quite the learning opportunity to be cherished.

So, from this point on, Now it is….most of the time.