Go Bananas

One thing that I have learned as I move through my no added sweetener world of eating is that bananas sweeten just about anything and it will taste great. I have always eaten bananas but, no where near as often as I am eating them now.

Chocolate Coffee Smoothie
1 cup Coffee
2 Bananas
2 T. Brown Rice Syrup
2-3 T. Cocoa powder (unsweetened)
1-2 T. Vanilla extract
1 T. Plain Yogurt (if you need nondairy just replace with a bit of rice milk, almond milk, or soy)
Plenty of ice (add to get you desired thickness)

Throw all ingredients into the blender. I’d start with lots of ice.

This drink does not have a strong coffee flavor. It’s like a delicious chocolate-milk-ish with a twist.

This morning, I did not have time to make my coffee smoothie drink but I really wanted some coffee to help me sit through a four-hour presentation at work. I decided to try my luck and went to the corner donut shop to see if I could get them to make me something close. I was in luck. They very nicely agreed to adjust their iced coffee drink to accommodate me. Here is what we came up with. Simple and tasty.

Iced Coffee Redefined

1 cup Coffee
About 1/4 c. of soy milk
2 bananas
1 cup Ice

Thrown in the blender together, this yielded more of a drink rather than a smoothie. More ice would have made it thicker but, I liked it.

Try these and let me know what you think.